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Dormeo Octaspring

Octaspring® by Dormeo is an award-winning, aerospace technology that takes the support of a pocket spring and the comfort of memory foam and combines them to create a 5-star sleep experience.


I worked with the UK based team to launch a test campaign in the Australian market. This project involved consulting on the transcreation of UK comms, writing web copy, product descriptions, 60-second TV ads, print ads and advertorials that featured in the Sunday papers. I also designed and wrote copy for magazine inserts and used customer feedback to improve messaging throughout the customer journey.

Byron Bay International Film Festival

A favourite of filmmakers and film lovers alike, the Byron Bay International Film Festival has been a highlight in the Northern Rivers arts scene since 2006. Fusing artistry, entertainment and innovation, the Festival aims to enhance our worldview and encourage social dialogue through the power of storytelling.


I worked with the team writing marketing emails for the launch of Co_Lab Create – a sell-out weekend of events, workshops and masterclasses targeting the growing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) sector. I’ve also written web copy and film reviews for local newspapers and magazines – check them out here.

Century Mail

Century Mail offers a range of health and lifestyle products specifically selected to help make everyday life a little easier for the growing seniors market. With a real focus on “test and learn” all comms produced for this company are rigorously measured and continually optimised.


I have written high converting marketing copy for all channels including sales emails, direct marketing campaigns, print ads, web copy, product descriptions, banner ads, telesales upsell scripts and more. Additionally, all advertising copy for therapeutic products has to adhere to the strict guidelines of the Therapeutic Goods Association while still achieving strong results.

Goodstart Early Learning

Goodstart Early Learning Centres are Australian owned, not-for-profit, and can be found in every state across the country. Goodstart’s mission is to lay the foundation for better lives through great early learning experiences.


I was asked to sub-edit a series of articles that focussed on how the teachers at Goodstart put the Reggio Emilia philosophy of teaching into practice in their day-to-day interactions with the children. The articles featured in their internal comms.

Dust Models


Dust Models is a boutique model management agency based in Byron Bay. They’re a small agency that offer a high level of care and attention to their clientele. They recruit, train, and develop unique talent for photo shoots, TV commercials, e-commerce, and more.


Coco, the owner of Dust Models, got in touch because she wanted to announce the opening of the agency to both a local and national audience. I wrote the comms for the launch with great results.

Indigenous Carbon Australia

Indigenous Carbon Australia


Indigenous Carbon Australia is an Indigenous-led, not-for-profit carbon farming business. Its mission is to help Indigenous landowners set up carbon farming projects so they can produce carbon credits that can then be sold, creating valuable revenue for their communities.


ICA’s CEO asked me to write the content for the new website. This project involved significant research as I needed to fully understand the carbon market before writing about it in clear and straightforward language that anyone could understand.


I’m Learning ACT

I’m Learning ACT


I’m Learning ACT with Dr Russ Harris is an online course teaching Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to psychology professionals. The course launched in 2016 and has now provided training to more than 60,000 therapists worldwide.


My contribution to this project included writing web copy, marketing emails, video overlay text, navigational copy to direct the student through the online course, FAQs, and using student feedback to improve the user experience.

Home Halo

Home Halo

Home Halo is a simple parental internet control system designed to protect your family from unsuitable content, making sure your kids get the best out of their time online.


I was briefed to review and improve the marketing comms and web copy which were too feature-focused and used technical terms and images that could put non-techy people off buying the product.


I re-wrote the copy, making sure it addressed the emotional benefits of the product and made recommendations to use non-technical images to illustrate how the product works. Response rates lifted immediately.

Union, Taringa

Union, Taringa


Union is a collection of ten beautiful new residences located in Taringa, a leafy inner-city suburb in Brisbane.


My brief was to write website and brochure copy for the townhome development, dialling up the architectural design and future prospects of the new lifestyle precinct in neighbouring Toowong. Early results show high demand for these unique properties.


Sahah Zadah - Transpersonal Therapist

Sahar Zadah – Transpersonal Therapist


Sahar Zadah is a transpersonal therapist, wellness educator and meditation teacher. Her work is grounded in the belief that true well-being lies in the ability to heal through a process of self-awareness, acceptance, and love. She offers personalised sessions, online workshops and facilitates a loving and supportive online community.


Sahar asked me to help out with a whole range of marketing comms to promote her business, which included writing web copy, blogs, a welcome guide, and more.