Suzanne Donovan | Freelance Copywriter | Byron Bay
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Are you looking for ways to get your website visitors to fill up their shopping carts, or for customers to book your services over and over again? And then tell all their friends about how amazing your product or service is?

I can help you make that happen.

Whether it’s refreshing your web content, writing marketing emails, print ads or brochures, I can write the words your customers will love, giving you more time to focus on everything else.

Find out how my copywriting services can help.

Advertising copywriting

I write ads that connect with your customers by zooming in on the emotional benefits. Which is great for you because your target audience won’t just want your product or service, they’ll NEED it.

Sales emails

I write sales emails that build relationships with existing customers and encourage consumers to buy. Don't forget - If you’ve got a database and you’re not using it, you’re missing a trick.

SEO friendly copywriting

Is your website working as hard it could be? Do you know the words customers type into Google to find you? If you're not sure, I can help optimise your web copy or re-write it from scratch, so your website ranks higher in search results.

Product descriptions

Great product descriptions need to sell the benefits of your product or service in seductive, enticing language, so customers click on 'Buy Now', right now.

Blog copywriting

Blogs are a great way to engage your target audience and drive traffic to your website. Even better, Google will reward you with a higher search ranking for frequently uploading relevant content to your site.

Promotional video scripts

If you’re thinking about a promo video on your website, you’ll need a great script to get your message across in seconds, so your prospects don’t press pause.

Business copywriting

I prepare business documents such as telesales scripts, executive summaries and instruction documents. Great news for you because you can kick back, knowing your business is running smoothly behind the scenes too.


If you have some comms in need of love and attention, I can adjust the structure, tone, style and flow, so they read like a dream and start getting results!

British Australian Transcreation

If you're an Aussie adapting comms for the British market, or vice versa, I can help make sure your intent, style, tone and context doesn't get lost in translation.

Let’s make your business better than ever.

Kind words about my copywriting.