3 tips for creating effective lead nurturing emails - Suzanne Donovan Copywriter
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3 tips for creating effective lead nurturing emails

Lead nurturing emails are the perfect way to create an ongoing conversation with your leads. They can build loyalty and play an essential role in guiding prospective customers through the sales funnel.


And as email marketing technology evolves, there are an increasing amount of tools available to help you segment your lists and track your results with ease.


But first things first. If you want to run a successful lead nurturing campaign, you’re going to need well-crafted emails.


So whether you’re new to lead nurturing, or you’re thinking about reviewing your existing comms, here are three tips which will help you create emails that get results.


Tip #1 – Segment, segment, segment


Lead nurturing emails must resonate with your target audience, so it’s essential to position your emails addressing different groups and their specific needs at certain points in time.


You can create different emails based on information such as:


  • Buyer persona
  • Performed actions
  • Position in the sales cycle
  • Industry sector


For example, an online course provider may send one email to leads who have asked to be kept in the loop about the launch of a new course, and a completely different email to someone who has signed up for the company newsletter.


Likewise, a health coach might craft one email targeting people who read their recipe blog, and another targeting teachers. The messaging and tone of voice would be quite different.


Remember; the deeper you segment your list, the more successful your lead nurturing campaign will be.


That’s because with segmentation you can get closer to delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, which means you’re one step closer to sealing the deal.


Tip #2 – Offer valuable content


Lead nurturing is all about building relationships with people who may want to buy from you in the future. So when you’ve decided which segments you’re going to target you need to think carefully about the content you’re going to deliver.


Put yourself in their shoes; what kind of information could be helpful to each segment right now?


Think about their pain points AND their particular stage in the sales funnel. Shape your message specifically to those needs making sure you keep your message informative, short and to the point. Remember each email will be one in a series of emails, so make sure each message makes sense in the big picture too.


Keep your language friendly and helpful. Your leads want to like your brand. They’ve shown interest after all. Make it easy for them. Create content packed full of value, so they want to read your emails as soon as they land in their inbox.


Tip #3 – The power of the Call to Action (CTA)


The Call to Action is the focal point of your email, and the goal is for the reader to click it. Make sure you keep this goal front of mind as you draft your emails.


Your Call to Action could be:


  • To download a free guide
  • Share your blog on Facebook
  • Refer a friend


You get the idea. There are countless options. Just try and keep your CTA to one defined goal.


Finally, make sure your CTA button stands out. You want the reader to get to the end of your email and feel that the action you’ve asked them to perform is an absolute no-brainer.


Get that right, and you’ve succeeded in guiding your lead one step further through the sales funnel.


Good luck!