How your brand story can turn customers into brand ambassadors - Suzanne Donovan Copywriter
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How your brand story can turn customers into brand ambassadors

Who doesn’t love a great story? We’ve been listening to them and telling them all our lives. It’s the way lessons are learned, and wisdom is passed down through the generations.


So it’s no surprise that marketers have latched on to the power of storytelling. In fact, it’s the whole strategy behind content marketing. Provide relevant and compelling content, and you’ll build loyal and engaged customers who (hopefully) will become your brand ambassadors of the future.


If you’re not telling your brand story, it’s time to start.


But first things first. Let’s start with the big one.


What’s your why?


It’s likely you went into business because you were passionate about something. You identified a consumer need and set on your way to fulfilling it.


So what is it? Identify that, and you’ve taken the first step toward creating your brand story. This story is the heart of your business and the launch point from a content marketing perspective. It’s also the thread you can use to clear away all the factual clutter and start engaging emotionally with your audience.


Talk about the conflict


A top tip is to identify the conflict in your story – people love to understand what you overcame to get to where you are today. It helps them get on your wavelength and relate to you as a human.


Make it relevant


The beauty of storytelling is that one message can be told and retold in dozens of different ways to suit a changing audience. Package up your value proposition and deliver it in a way that will relate to your different customer segments so they get to hear what they want to hear and can’t resist engaging with your brand.


And make it human


You need to fulfil the emotional needs of your customers. By putting your audience into the heart of your stories, you’ll show them, you get them, and that will lead to a sense of empathy with your brand (and lead to a band of loyal followers).


Be authentic


You need to create an honest narrative that communicates your brand values. This may be obvious advice, but don’t make it up! Your story has to be true, or it will catch up with you. Don’t lose credibility with your audience – it’s not worth it!


Keep an eye on the timing


As you start telling stories to promote your brand, ask yourself, is it the right time to tell this particular story? Think about the customer and their need – how might they be feeling right now? Use this as the gauge – this is important if your product or service is seasonal.


If you’d like some help with your brand story, please get in touch.